If You're Having Problems Logging In ...

Step 1 - Check "Caps Lock"

It may seem trivial, but the #1 cause of login problems is pressing "Caps Lock" on your computer. Then, instead of typing the password heLLo you'll actually be typing HEllO. Since passwords are case sensitive, this won't work.

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Step 2 - Is It The Correct Username/Email Address?

To access this system, you need to use your email address as a username - not your network username. However, some people have several email addresses. For instance, someone called Steve Jones might use steve.jones@cosaint.net, sjones@cosaint.net, stevej@cosaint.net, etc. If you have multiple email addresses you may need to try several variations until you find the one that has been used as your username.

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Step 3 - Is It The Correct Password?

If think that you might not be using the right password, you can use this form to have your login details sent to you. Simply type in your email address and click on 'Find'.

Email Address

Step 4 - Contact Us

If you've tried steps 1 through 3 and are still having problems, send a detailed email describing your problems to KCTCS Training.